About this Blog

This blog has two objectives. First, I’d like to improve my writing and analysis skills. As a consultant and grad student I get to practice several forms of both, though mostly deck pages and term papers. I also tweet, and am just scratching the surface of how to communicate with that medium. I want to try blogging because it is ubiquitous, and customizable.

My second objective is to make new connections. I am a strong believer both in Grannovetter’s Strength of Weak Ties and Metcalfe’s Law. New connections and new people cause us to think of problems in new ways- perhaps sparking an idea we had not had previously, or, as in Grannovetter’s writing, providing us with new opportunities. So if you’re working on the same kind of problems I am, feel free to reach out. Or reach out if you’re working on something completely different, but you feel the way I’ve structured or analyzed the problem- or something entirely- is relevant to what you’re doing.

Frank Strickland, one of my two mentors when I started consulting, told us that unexpressed brilliance is worthless. It is only after we have structured our thoughts and proposed and evidenced our solutions that we can start making a difference in the business or policy worlds. Everything else is excellence around the water cooler. Certainly we all know of world problems that have been solved- minus a written plan, over lunch break discussions or post-work beers.

I won’t judge if anything that appears here is brilliant, but I will assess that it is much better formed being here out in the open than if it remained in my conversations over a post-work beverage.




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